Need a Backup Specialist for my website


Job Description

I recently developed a website using OpenCart for our business and now I need to find a backup specialist to back up my work just in case anything happens. I would want someone to set up the backups and then show me how to do them so I can do them in the future. The following is what I would need from someone:

1) Create daily automated backups
2) Store backups of both my database and shopping cart files on my
3) Store backups of both your database and shopping cart files at home
4) Manually restore my backups to make sure they work
5) Do I have a firewall installed on my server
6) Run a login failure daemon on my server
7) Set up a mod_security on my server
8) Disable FTP
9) Move all of my server ports to non-standard ports
10) Create a checksum to make sure no one has altered my files
11) Sign me up for a service that automatically checks to see if my website is up