Web Developer


Job Description

We are looking for a web developer to maintain a large site for one of our clients, that can do PHP, Kohana, HAML, CSS, and JavaScript. This job requires good communications skills and constant communication with project managers. The ideal candidate can figure out any task on his/her own and navigate the code without any guidance.

Technical Qualifications:
Intermediate knowledge of PHP
Knowledge of MVC frameworks like Kohana and Code Igniter
Must know SVN
Advanced knowledge of the DOM, HTML/XHTML, CSS and JavaScript
Some experience with JavaScript Libraries such as jQuery, DOJO, YUI, ExtJS, or MooTools
Photoshop or Illustrator knowledge for handling assets
Good communications skills and must speak English
3-5+ years of web development experience

This test is an internal ROCE GROUP assessment test. All job applicants are required to take this test as part of the company of the hiring process.

The assessment test is only 5 short-answer questions.

Read the questions carefully, and answer them to the best of your knowledge.

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Skills: dom, english, mvc, test