LAMP Optimization Expert Required

LAMP Optimization Expert Required


Job Description

Categories: Apache, MySQL, Server, Linux, Ubuntu

North American contractors ONLY! All other bids will be discarded without consideration.
We need a LAMP master to look over our server and provide recommendations on how we can optimize our configuration settings for web hosting, bi-directional database replication, caching, and WordPress optimization. We are looking for someone who has experience configuring servers in a corporate environment and whom has experience keeping those servers synced.If you do not have this requisite experience please do not apply!
Proficiency Requirements:
• WordPress 3.5.x expert (configuration and optimization) (optimization = minimal processor and RAM usage)
• Apache 2 master. Analyze and optimize all virtual hosts. Set up Apache daemon to allow as many users to connect as possible without performance drops. Set up disk and memory caching. Configure expiry and other web optimization parameters. Configure SSL. Configure a root jail for Apache (including PHP).
• MySQL 5.5 master (must also be proficient with MySQL 5.6, which is due out shortly). Configure MySQL to minimize disk swapping and maximize speed of query processing. This includes optimizing InnoDB settings. Must configure bi-directional database replication with another server and PREVENT race conditions.
• PHP 5.3master (configuration). Configure PHP to minimize processor and memory usage. Maximize PHP security.
• Ubuntu 12.04 LTS master (must also be proficient with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, which is due out shortly). Configure security and many other components required on the server such as Postfix, Courier, Subversion, IPTables, etc.
Education Requirement:
• Bachelor's in Computer Science; OR,
• Associates in Information Technology; OR,
Current Issues:
• The server will sometimes go to max processor usage with a couple of PHP scripts
• The server will swap heavily to disk
• Caching causes some images to not render correctly
• Apache needs heavy optimization
• MySQL needs heavy optimization
• Web pages will sometimes take a long time to load
Lastly, there must be a quick and efficient method to redirect users from one server to another in the case that a server goes offline or loses connectivity (for whatever reason).
We want INDIVIDUAL contractors only. We do NOT want teams or contractors who are project managers operating as part of a team. This is a very short-term engagement with a high likelihood of repeat work.
North American co

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