Production Assistant leading to Production Manager

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I am seeking assistance in:

- setting up social media channels (Twitter, Blogs, FB Pages, G+ Pages, YT Channels, Vimeo Channels, Pinterest Profiles, Flickr Profiles and LinkedIn personal and business profiles) on behalf of my clients
- managing those channels on a daily basis
- submitting my clients' details to online directories
- submitting and formatting blog posts to my clients' blogs (text and images supplied)
- submitting videos to YT and Vimeo and formatting them with description, keywords etc
- event promotion (submitting client details to event promotion websites)
- press release submission
- Wikipedia editing

The work load has grown to the point that it is too much for me to do single-handedly and I need help now. The long term goal is that I do no production having handed it all over to the Production Manager, the successful applicant of this job. As the company grows, the Production Manager will hire and manage more oDeskers in order to fulfill the work. The expansion potential of my company then, in theory, becomes virtually limitless, while I only ever talk to the successful applicant of this job.

The sending of mail shots via mailchimp is another requirement that will arise from time to time.

Skills: twitter, pinterest, linkedin, facebook