iPad Photobooth and Seating Chart


Job Description

I need an iPad 3 Retina app developed that performs two major functions. One is a seating chart that allows guests to find where they are seated at an event and write a message in a virtual guestbook. The second is a Photobooth that will allow guests to take photos and have them printed via a bluetooth airprint printer and also offer a video messaging option. I will describe these in detail. This application will only need to work in landscape and not rotate to portrait.

The app starts with an admin type page where all the settings for the seating chart section and photo booth section are entered.

For the seating chart section:
These settings include theme selector (which I designed), enter couple's names, event date, importing guest names and their table numbers from xml file. (SEE ADMIN.JPG)

For the photobooth section:
These settings include the couple's names, event date, number of photos to take, size of the print, number of copies, template layout, and video messaging duration. (SEE ADMIN.JPG)

1. Enter in the info in the admin. Click Launch Event.
2. When launched the first page that appears is the slideshow with the info in the name field and (if it's in the theme) the event date. (SEE theme1_slideshow.jpg).
3. When the iPad is touched the user will go to the next page (SEE theme1_main.jpg).
4. The user will press the button corresponding to the first letter of their last name. When pressed the user will go to the next page. (SEE theme1_names.jpg).
5. Here the names of the guests will be pulled from the XML file and sorted alphabetically corresponding to the alphabet letter pressed in the previous page. (Scrolling within the design may be needed if more names appear than can fit in that section. Once the name is pressed it goes to the next page (SEE theme1_table.jpg).
6. Here the guests name appears along with the table they are seated at. There is a button at the bottom that will take them to the previous page if they pressed the wrong name. They have the option here to write a personal message. If they choose no they will go to theme1_thanks.jpg. If they choose yes they will go to theme1_guestbook.jpg. Here they will write with their finger or stylus a personal message. When they finish they will press the button to save it. This will be saved as a photo to the iPad library. The button however will not be saved in the image.

That covers the process of the seating chart. Next will be how the photobooth works.

1. Settings are set in the admin then the booth will launch when the "Launch Booth" is pressed.
2. The user will see themselves in the full screen landscape video camera. There will be a button over the video saying "START". When pressed they will see a countdown clock counting down from 4. When it ends the picture is taken. The user sees it for a second then the next countdown begins. This will continue as many times as was entered in the admin. Once the last photo is taken a page will appear asking if they want to record a video message. (SEE theme1_video.jpg). If they click yes they will record a video. There will be a video box and two buttons at the bottom saying "Start" and "Stop". When they press "Stop" they will see a message asking if they are happy with the recording. If they click "Yes" then they will see the thank you page (theme1_thanks.jpg). If they click "No" the video is deleted and they record again.

I can create the layouts, themes, etc. I just don't know what the easiest way to do it for your end. For example, I may have ten different themes for the seating chart and there may be 10 different alphabets for the page where they press the first letter of their last name. Do I create 10 different full sets of letters?

Skills: ipad, video, design

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