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I have this web site to finish its development

This tasks involves copying and pasting the content from some competitor sites to ours for the top menu bar page content left and all web site main menu and footer links menu . Change all joomla template demo banners and images into our own. I will suply all necessary joomla components for you to work on in order to finish the site. So major task is use competitor content and install joomla components, plugins and modules necessary for the development of my web site, there is no limit in the items I need to instal in suplementary, all I want is instal and configure all necessary things in order to have a full working site when needed!
All content from this site and some suplementary content from other sites will have to be copied in order to build our server managment web site e-business product catalog.
Breezing form is already installed as you can see on my site as for exemple

The former coder had installed most of the components so a lot of work has already been done.



The buton, the green cross and some titels need to be highlighted just like this competitor site

We need to upgrade joomla 2.5.4 to its latest version if any new version, upgrade as well Akeeba admin tools and SH404SEF with my latest version that I have. Configure akeeba admin tool and backup component as well as configuring rs firewall component for our web site security. We will need to instal on its flash intro site before enter the main site and customise it with my own brand site text content.
Configure our joobi store component as well as memebership joobi subscription component to our website product and services.

Please check major tasks we have as atatched file,
other tasks not showing on this list here will be what the site needs on its way to be fully working.
If anything else is ever needed I will tell you,
for now this is all of the major task we will have to compleet.

Skills: software-development

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