Job Description

We are looking for a Web Application Performance & Reliability Tester to help troubleshoot and resolve a few key issues for a single project. The scope for this will be within the realms of Memory Management, Thread Handling and interoperability between the Operating System and Application Stack.

The application itself is an rewards based e-commerce platform, whereby users can sell resell products and earn points. The login facility integrates with Facebook, as well as being a stand alone mechanism.

This role is essentially a consulting role, with the job ending on successful identification and resolution of problems, and is therefore only valid for a short term. However, if you are successful, you will be highly regarded and very it is very likely that you will be considered for more permanent work.

The Deployment Environment is on AWS Infrastructure utilizing several Load Balanced EC2 instances with a Multi Region MySQL RDS.

The Platform comprises Apache Tomcat running on Ubuntu Server with MySQL and a Java environment. Tomcat is integrated into Apache using the AJP Connector.

The Web Application is written using the Grails and Spring Framework Environments.
Knowledge of the Facebook API, OAuth 2.0 may be an advantage.

Skills: management, apache, facebook