Work Order - Cash Register - Shop Managment

Work Order - Cash Register - Shop Managment


Job Description

This job posting is now open to everyone to apply.

I need an experienced developer to improve or re-work my work order system. I have a basic flowchart which shows the steps of what I need done. I would like to keep everything online, so in the most basic sense, I need:

- Cash register software capable of quoting and calculating prices, working functions such as open a cash drawer, print to a thermal sized printer, etc.
- creation of work orders (6 types) based on orders entered
- all work orders are seen by admin, users who enter only see their jobs entered
- only certain job types can see work orders for orders in the same type, and can see the status of jobs (i.e. in production, completed, etc)
- Track jobs and keep us better organized

Once in the interview process, I will show the project flow chart. Ideally, someone will have something similar writted, and can be adapted to work for us. Please show examples. All interviews will be via skype.

Thank you!