PDF CV creation script in PHP

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

This is how the system would work:

1. The user goes through 7 steps, filling in all the data forms
2. The user selects a template
3. The system would generate a PDF with the user's data and the design selected.
4. When the user selects "Download CV", a loading page with ads will be presented

You'll be required to:

- Slice all designs provided in layered PSD. ALL designs will be provided.
- Code the script to generate de PDF file. The final PDF will need to have the specified design. The designs for the PDF files will also be provided.
- Integrate the script in Wordpress. The website where the script will be used is built on Wordpress.
- Provide a tool to add more Template designs for the CVs in the future.
- Display the loading screen before the CV actually downloads to show the ads.

Please provide an estimate on the hours that it would take you and when you'd be ready to start working on the project.