Use Case & Sequence Diagram for PHP and MySQL

Use Case & Sequence Diagram for PHP and MySQL


Job Description

The system is a PHP and MySQL multi-level marketing system. There are 13 PHP files, 2555 (less than half needs to be included) lines of PHP, and 35 SQL tables in one MySQL database.

We need this system diagrammed as soon as possible for development and maintenance reasons.

There is a small concurrent user base at this time however we will be working off a cloned test server.

***** We believe this task is manageable in 3-6 hours by a skilled Enterprise Architect user. We are offering a strict rate, for the total project. ******

We are open to Doxygen users who may be able to provide us with what we need using that.

We would like someone to create a useful visual diagram. We have a strict budget of $180.00(USD) for this task. What we require are a Case Diagram, Sequence Diagram, and or Package Diagram.

As of right now we do have limited contact with the original developer and we currently have very limited knowledge of this system.

The system is a complex multi-level marketing system. System allows users to register and become commissioned sales Associates. Our product for testing purposes is a third party software product. When users sell a digital download, a code is issued to activate the end users downloaded software.

When sales ‘Associates’ add members to their team, they will receive a coded bonus. Each sales’ Associate enrolled under these Associates will deliver another derivative for their sales. Members are customers who have purchased a product. Members can enroll to be Affiliates. If an affiliate registers a new Affiliate they receive commissions on that Affiliate and any Affiliate they sign up.

System uses a proprietary language and translation system to allow a global user base to easily understand the content that will evolve on the site.

At this time we are looking to create a set of UML diagrams for the PHP and MySQL components that show interaction and some sort of useful relationship perspective for PHP and SQL interactions.

We require class and sequence diagrams for our PHP code and MySQL database.

Our MySQL database and PHP files should be entirely mapped using Enterprise Architect standardized UML diagrams to show class and sequence.

We specifically require a sequence diagram that illustrates USE CASE for Affiliates (users) and Member’s.

Our payout methods include Payza, Payaneer. We require the diagrams to show these connections as well.

Enterprise architect must be used to create these diagrams. The resulting file must be exported to SVG, or PDF, and the Enterprise Architect project file and all components for the project must be saved and exported to a zip file.

LOC and PHP count are below. Database has 35 tables approximately.

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