PHP + AJAX Shop programming

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

This task consists of 3 fixes.

Address of the website:

Fix 1.) Adding item to a basket

If you go to a sample item page:

click on a button: "Kup" to Buy this item -> it will go to a basket
and a number of items in a basket will increase to (1)

However when you go to a a checkout (to do this click on "Koszyk: that means a basket). Than on a next page there will be a message box that says "no items in a basket".

The task is to check why added to a basket items are not stored and fix it.

As far as I remember when you add item to a basket a script in AJAX update DOM, but doesn't store the data in POST neither in a database.

Fix. 2)
When add items to a basket
(click on a button: "Kup" to Buy this item )

you can repeat this action forever adding may items to a basket.
even the amount on the stock is only one you can click e.g. 5 times and add 5 to a basket.

So the fix is to add items to a bask only the amount of an item that is in a stock.

Fix 3.)
On contatct page:

sending email doesnt't work.

and once email is send show on the top of a form the message saying "your message was sent successfully"

it should be done in AJAX without a page reload

Skills: dom