PowerPoint Expert Artist Needed

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Ignore past request below. New request:

if you are available right now to give me a ppt in 1-3 hours, I could use you. Skype me melaniefairlight. I'll finish it out and am going to work on my project specific content now, but it would be nice to have a place to start. The talk will be about Technical RFPs (Requests for Proposal)s. Gathering info for a technical RFP, creating it, getting management approval within the company, posting it for responses. Then the Q & A period, selecting a consultant for the IT project. If you have time right now to do this, please let me know. Thank you, Melanie


I am going to play the.ppt on a loop, playing it like a commercial. Detailed transitions and movements needed such as:
have a box at the bottom of the screen, have logos appear then go into the box, several of them, close the box, open it, new logos glide out of it.
things like that

.ppt is already started, I want to make it even better. Just don't have time.

if you cannot show me examples of your work that are this quality, I will not pay until I am satisfied with the work.

Applicants that can show me .ppts of this quality may receive some payment up front.

This job should only take between 1-5 hours and I would like you to start today.