Funded Short Film Production Looking for Scriptwriter / Screenwriter


Job Description

*What We Are Looking For*
We are looking for a scriptwriter / screenwriter to assist us in refining the dialogue and interactive sequences for the first episode of a short film series. This episode is only 6 minutes long. If things go well, the writer will be hired to assist in writing additional episodes. Candidate should have a strong grasp of tight dialogue, similar to the style we saw in the series 24, but with a sarcastic, comedic central protagonist through which the story is told. The central character is based on Guy Pearce's performance in Luc Besson's Lockout.

*About the Story*
The short film series is a live action science fiction story that takes place in the near future. It follows a central character who works for a World government organization and a special forces team as they travel the World in search of something. Sorry this is so brief, we will provide more information during the online interview and selection process.

*Preproduction Status of Film*
Funding is in place and key members of production team have already been signed. Script, storyboards, character sketches are finished in preliminary form. We are presently location scouting in Bangkok Thailand with the intention of filming the first episode in April this year. And the second episode approximately two months afterwards.

*Remote Work*
This is a remote work job, physical presence in Asia is currently not necessary. Although the ability to travel for potential future episodic work is a plus.

Must be an established screenwriter with produced work and IMDB page. Film, shorts, television are all acceptable venues.

*If Interested*
Please send IMDB link and description of your writing experience and genre specialties. Also please inform us of your general availability over the next 2-3 weeks. We expect to appoint this position within the coming few days so please be responsive to follow-up questions and inquiries.

Skills: film, science