OS.X server background service

OS.X server background service


Job Description


I run a site that monitors (non-web) servers for administrators: ServerPulse.com. The admin downloads a small background service program onto their server and then get notified by text message and email whenever a problem comes up.
I currently have the background service implemented only for Windows servers but would like one for Mac OS.X as well.

This is what the software should do:
- Runs in the background with no user interaction whenever the system starts
- collects a few simple data points (ram available/used, disk space available/used, time since last reboot, etc.
- sends a xml data packet encoded as query string in a http GET to our webserver *once a minute*.

That's the basic function. In addition it needs a simple user interface tool that allows the service to be connected to a online user account on our server and to disconnect it again.

We'd also need you to package the application for distribution (what is the equivalent to InstallShield in the apple world?) We'd distribute the solution as download on our site or via some OS.X app store - whatever is best.