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Job Description

We are looking for a developer or team of developers who could make a player based on SMIL language on android platform. Our current idea is to convert smil into HTML5. Maybe you could propose better approach, for example using open source smil library.

Some more details.

Player will be operational in 24/7 mode. Error messages, crashes in to Desktop without recovery back to play mode is not an option. Detailed logging is a must. (For better debugging). We have 2 weeks time to make such a player. Time is very short so we dont have much time to make lots of test or redesigns.

Please contact me if you have concrete ideas how we could make such player.

Examples of the playlists you could find here:


1. What will be used as Renderer for rendering SMIL file? (explain complete path, how and in to what SMIL will be parsed, and how and by what will be rendered)
1a. Your experience with this rendering techniques?
1b. Your perfomance expectation.
2. In our documentation mentioned animation and effects for images, using which techniques this will be implemented?
3. We are planning to use browser "in a frame" which browser engine will be used? (it have to support HTML5)
4. How do you plan to prevent error or popup messages which may come from the browser?
5. How do you plan to recover from crashes? Ie. application crashed due to bad content or esle?
6. SMIL language contains scheduling information, in which part of the application or on which level of the app you will use it?
7. How it is planned to make transition from one playlist in to another?

Skills: debugging, test, rendering

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