Ticketing Website. Sister site

Ticketing Website. Sister site


Job Description

Ticketing Site to purchase for concerts.

Similar to that of moshtix.com or ticketek.com.

Features required:

Simple and basic system.

Register via facebook login or normal registration.

Login: both Guest and registered user checkout.
Add $10.00 extra to the price ticket as a guest.

A landing page for every event which has the following.
(a) a background image for the page
(b) A title image for the page
(c) A section for show sponsors that is scrollable and clickable to a URL.
(d) Select various dates and locations.
(e) Select various ticket types and seats.
(f) Advertising section on the top and bottom interchangeable between my own ads and google ads.
(g) Venue Map pdf upload.
(h) Ticket terms and Conditions.
(i) Ticket Insurance > add on.

(a) full tracking of all tickets and who purchased, when , where , full insights.
(b) Pdf tickets sent via email. Default design with where we can ad pictures and details about the event. Also terms and conditions.
(c) QR code on the ticket which has information about the ticket and seat.
(d) Dates tickets go on sales.
(e) Mobile app that lets us scan the QR code letting us know about arrival and if the ticket has been used or not.
(f) Hold and reserve tickets in different sections > how many tickets , section and for what reason are we holding them. These tickets will not be sold from the site. And sold only via back login point of sale site.

Simply purchase of tickets on one page. So as each section is select the next is revealed. In a one page process.

Also a backend login Point of sales site.
This is to provide a purchase of the tickets instantly.

So simply various logins will be setup in the backend, these logins can then purchase tickets instantly via cash or credit card payments once payment is successful it will print off their tickets and send it to their email address also.