Autodesk Vault Programmer needed


Job Description

We need someone who could develop a program for us that would convert Autodesk Vault generated DWF files to Tiff files. This program might involve interacting with Vault 2013. Vault has a built in DWF export function that we will investigate if its good enough. If it is, then all we need is something that would convert the exported DWF files (in a folder) to Tiff files.

The application must run as a service or a scheduled application.

Ok its confirmed. There is no need to interact with Vault API. Vault will generate the DWF files automatically. We need a program that can run as a Windows service or scheduled application. The program must look in a folder for DWF files and convert them to Tiff files. Then delete the DWF files to empty folder.
Applicant can find DWF SDK here: