PCB Design


Job Description


My project is an electronic box that contain several modules. It will consist of a microcontroller with a program that control the action of the box. The purpose of this box is to control the use of a fleet of boats.

The modules inside the box are:

-GPS Module
-GSM Module
-Card Reader Module (RFID contactless)
-Touch Screen Type

The principle of operation is as follows:

A boat captain chooses to go to a point (eg an island). He enter his destination using a touch screen located on the box. The software on the microcontroller receives the destination and sends it to a server (a computer that contain a software) via the GSM module. The server confirm the destination and ordered the box to start the GPS acquisition in real time (the box then transmits its GPS position to the server via the GSM module).
The card reader module (contactless RFID) allows the captain to be identify. He passes his card closed to the reader, the box automatically transmits the data recorded on the card to the server that identify the captain.
The screen must display a map with the GPS position of the vessel in real time.

Here is a summary of the project.
I would like to have an electronic pcb design of the box. The exact characteristics of the modules need to be defined so it is free to you to choose which ones you think are best suited.

Could you please send me a quote for this project.

Best regards,

Aymeric BRANDA