Blog Writer and other Virtual Assistant Tasks

Blog Writer and other Virtual Assistant Tasks


Job Description

I'm looking for someone who can take over a majority of my online marketing tasks that I have been doing on a daily basis.

Your tasks will be to write 30 blog posts about the topics I give you, go through the process of social bookmarking each post, building backlinks through blog commenting and find content for my different fan pages.

I will give you the general topics and it will be your duty to come up with blog posts that are optimized properly and to find pictures that are related to the topics for my fan pages.

Eventually I will be giving you more tasks as you prove yourself to me and do a great job.

I'm looking for someone who can speak and communicate extremely well in English and is willing to learn. You must be self-motivated and a hard worker. You'll also be required to have skype so I can communicate you on a daily basis to see what you've been doing.

The initial test will be to create 30 blog posts from 300-700 words long, handle the social bookmarking for each of these posts after I publish them and to find 100 pictures related to my different fan pages.

Skills: marketing, english