Need a GOOD "all in one" Mobile App Person!!

Need a GOOD "all in one" Mobile App Person!!


Job Description

If you TRULY read this entire post, you'll find the secret word in it, please refer to that in order to show me you actually read my post. Thanks!

I am looking for someone that can do 3D design graphics, excellent at programming as well, to make an app designed for a United States Army Battalion in the United States, of course. The app is pretty straight forward:

When the app opens, there should be an Army digital pattern in all backgrounds of the app, when you open it initially, the Army Strong logo should appear, with our logo below it, music plays, "next" at bottom.

The app should be a click and go type app, with the ability to (secret word is Soldier) app should have the ability to call a phone number from it, email, text, facebook, twitter, etc. Should also have the ability to show a location in google maps, have "more" screens, "advertising" ability, pop-ups, etc.

Thank you!