Game to Learn Google Drive/Docs


Job Description

We are looking to create a Game for students ages 7-12, in grades 1-6, to help them learn how to utilize Google Drive/Google Apps for Education.

The game functions would need to integrate with Google's API and run on a Game Platform like: Bigdoor - PunchTab or something similar.

We are open to your ideas on how to organize the game. Our current plan is:

1. Teacher creates account and receives a Student Sign Up Code

2. Students create an account using the Student Sign Up Code their teacher gave them and now the teacher and student account is connected.

3. Students then design an avatar, name the avatar and start at the mission control center

4. Mission Control has 3 areas: Learn, Play & Rewards

5. Students begin to play the game. The game is separated into levels. Each level has approximately 10 different missions. Each mission includes a briefing which is a video (that we will supply you) which show students how to use a specific area of Google Drive. Then the student needs to complete the mission activity by completing certain actions in Google Drive.

6. Students earn points by watching videos, asking questions and helping others by answering their questions. They also earn points by completing mission activities.

7. Activities include: Creating a Google Doc, Giving it a certain name, Making text a certain font size, color, sharing documents, creating spreadsheets, etc. All of these actions must be integrated with Google's API so that the game knows that the student actually completed the mission's activity.

8. As students complete missions they will earn badges and unlock levels.

9. Students will be able to see leaderboards with other students in their class, leaderboard for their school and leaderboard for everyone playing.

The game must integrate with Google's API and also include single sign on for players with a Google Account.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Here is an example of a similar game for learning Microsoft Office:

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