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Job Description


We are looking for a talented, skilled and reliable person to assist us in redeveloping our website www.newhair.com.au. You need to have skills including:
1. Graphic Design - inc building and creating brilliant visuals for the sliders. Be able to visually make things "WORK" together and not clash. The site needs to give a feeling of TRUST and being CLINICAL and PROVEN, yet also making the view feel welcomed, invited and make them feel as though they can trust use. Colours to be used = Blues, Greens + Greys

2. Wordpress Customisation + Development - we want to use the theme:

You will be provided with step by step changes and require you to do them AND AL MAKE SURE YOU are contributing your opinion about what looks good vs does not. We really need a thinker not just an instruction follower please.

You will take the current page/s re-create them using a set structure. Eg. for all the causes and treatments pages we are wanting 1 standardised layout that has been sketched for you with instructions already. You will need to take the content that we have now and essentially redisplay it in the new theme better.

3. On Page SEO - we are expecting you to build the sites in accordance with correct SEO rules all the time, this will save time and speed up the SEO process if done correctly from the beginning

Extensive SEO is required to optimise the page/s properly

4. Off page SEO - once all of the above has been done, create an off-page strategy and if so, have us recruit an off page SEO contractor to help you - meaning you could be doing another task whilst the offpage plan is being done.

5. Maintenance - directly oversee the maintenance of the site including addition of new content as required, addition of blogs, providing new and refreshing sliders as required, oversee the hosting/configuration of the site and make recommendations to us as required.

We are looking for the site to be 100% live on the new theme within 2-3 weeks then the following 10-12 weeks would be SEO based tasks.

You will be required to work a SET ROSTER - that would be:
Mond to Friday 2pm - 11pm (with a 1hr lunch)
Saturday 2pm to 6pm

This job is not for agency groups - sorry
Excellent English Required
And in the first line of the application please confirm you can do GRAPHICS, DEVELOPMENT CSS + ON PAGE SEO. And in the second line that you CAN WORK 100% the ROSTERED HOURS.

If you can not - please do not apply for this position.

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