Prototype of Porting Current Offline Game to Browsers

Prototype of Porting Current Offline Game to Browsers


Job Description

We develop and distribute „Dybuster“ a training software for people with dyslexia (reading and writing difficulties). So far, we provide it as a version for Win/Mac OS/Linux to install, using OpenGL for the graphics and wave playback for playing the sounds.

In this project, we want to evaluate the possibilities of providing a version of Dybuster that runs in a browser, because we want to eliminate the need to download and install.

Basically, the project consists of providing the views and interaction as shown between 0’14’’ and 0’52’’ of the video in a browser:

Further specifications and the complete project description can be found in the attached "DybusterOnlinePrototype_28Mai13.doc".

Please apply to the project by providing:
1. A quote of how much it would cost if you did the project.
2. An estimate of the time it would take you, including a time line with the following milestones:
a) Requirements agreed on.
b) First version of prototype for extended feedback.
c) Prototype
3. An explanation of how you envision communication between us.
4. A declaration of the technology/frameworks you would use.

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