Leadership Development Partners for a Sustainable Future


Job Description

Need a logo that captures a combination of ideas:

Leadership and Career Coaching for a Sustainable Future:

3 circles - integrating people, planet, profit
-> center is sustainability (see examples in google images)

SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONs through interdisciplinary projects
3 circles - integrating educators, employers, candidates (students, career transitioners, next gen leadership)
-> center is sustainability focused learning projects that may be internships, community projects, short term consulting teams combining varied types of talent to create interdisciplinary problem solving.

Model representing 3-way partnership to achieve sustainability solutions to be overlaying "global" backdrop, but also recognizing "local" situation and "individual" challenges to "navigate" the "waters of change"

CHESAPEAKE BAY WATERSHED is local context, local microcosm that represents global issues of sustainable development & leadership challenge -

i.e. challenge to care for the ecology/ environment/ bay waters with many stakeholders - government policy, commercial business, associations and non-profits, educators, & most of all - next generation leaders who are finding their way through the education and career maze during a time when there is organizational change, ambiguity and reactivity - difficult job economy.


Leadership Vision, organizational change, triple bottom line thinking facilitated through alliances, partnerships & associations

between educators, business, government, community members, farmers, fisherman, ecologists, students, home owners, etc...

Career Coaching, relational guidance, proactive change forward

Leadership Coaching, Consulting Groups, Partnerships to help participants/ clients to....

Think Forward !
i.e. think GLOBAL, act LOCAL-ly to achieve the long term sustainability of the planet, people, while also economic development that provides new jobs.

Logo Name :Leadership Development Partners for a Sustainable Future

Must Have:
- People & Planet Partnership

Green & Blue colors to represent earth & water

global earth image somewhere in mix

3 intersecting circles model integrated somehow?
See sustainability triad examples in "google images" for ideas.

Nice to Have:
- Chesapeake Bay recognition
Water is shared resource and loved by all for different reasons
sailboat represents "navigation of changing waters"
lighthouse represents "seeing through the fog"

Great logo is represented in Maryland natural resources, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Environemental Protection Agency

Should Not Have:
- too many words (which is why I need the logo!)

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