Sys Admin, Email Deliverability Expert, Webmaster

Sys Admin, Email Deliverability Expert, Webmaster


Job Description

Personal Life Media is a fast growing publisher of personal growth content.

We are looking for a sys admin/webmaster who has experience managing large servers and websites and is an email deliverability expert.

There are two projects which will require your immediate attention, moving our site to a new server and setting up our email system for high deliverability.

Task #1 - Manage site move. We've been in business since 2006 and have carefully built a well respected authority site at We are developing a new site which is based on wordpress and now we need to make the “big switch”. You will create a plan to manage each of the 14,000+ URIs so that every link and asset is accounted for and works flawlessly after the move.

Task #2 – Set up our email system for 95% + deliverability.

We already have the software to manage the newsletters (the software is arpReach) and we are now looking to find an email expert who can setup and optimize our server for bulk / mass mailing.

You should also be an expert in managing email deliver ability. Detailed knowledge of best practices for email deliverability, SPF, DKIM, reverse DNS and sender ID, MTA optimization, managing email servers in multiple domains and IP addresses.

You will also set up our email server to appropriately track bounces and set up feedback loops with MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

These are just two projects... we have so many more, this could turn into a full time, steady job for you.

Skills: newsletters, yahoo