Job Description

Dear Candidate,

I had to re post this project due to the necessary amendments. Sadly, o-Desk dose not have an option to automatically notify applicants. Please accept my apologies and kindly review the changes.

Book publishing company based in USA is hiring professional translators and subtitlers to undertake a project for online class course.
QHHT Online Class is a live recording of Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique, taught by a world renowned hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon.
There are 26 video files in MP4 format, totaling of 1780 minutes. Each video file will be supplied with a transcribed text in English.
Having reviewed our options and logistical approach, we have decided to give this project a second option.
Applicants will be shortlisted by end of February, 2013

Structure of the project: Option One, Subtitling

26 videos which are approx 60 minutes of duration.
Slightly over estimating the duration, about 1780 minutes of footage, containing casual speech with some metaphysical terms and occasional segments where a participant may be inaudible or difficult to hear due to being in a state of hypnosis( English text will be supplied)

These videos, with the supplied English text, to be translated into
Castellano Spanish,
Espanol Spanish.

These are in either MP4 or MOV format, but the end product is an online video player and so we would only need the finish product back in the same formats, or converted to FLV.

Works need to be completed by end of May 2013

One set of 26 videos to be subtitled/timecoded in English only

No medical/technical language background is required for this project.

This project is ideal for those who are experts in translating & subtitling.

Video files will bu supplied via dropbox/fedex or Royal Mail, depending on location.

Non Disclosure Form will be required to sign.

Project Structure: Option Two, Voice - Over/Subtitling

This option would significantly reduce amount of work required to subtitle each video. Since we are working with live recordings, a large part of the frame will be dominated by subtitles. To give our clients more focus around listening, rather then reading, we would like to explore Voice - over option. However, there will be over 8 hours of videos require just subtitling, as well as Teacher/Student Q&A during the class in some parts of the course. Video time marker for Subtitling only will be highlighted in transcribed text.
If you have facility/experience in Voice-over/subtitling, then please apply for this position.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Vitaly Safarov,
Project Manager.

Skills: english, video