Article Writer (SEO)

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I'm looking to hire multiple bloggers, writers and website owners who can research about my website (a bit) and write & post articles (with backlinks) on your own websites. This is mostly for our search engine optimization efforts for our own website.


1. You must have a, blogger, tumblr or any website that allows you to copy/paste html AND javascript code.
2. You must have written articles in the past on your own website.
3. You must own, manage or write for the website you want to post the article on.

Job details:

1. Sign up on our website (will be given if hired).
2. Research, search and explore some articles on our website.
3. Write a short paragraph article with hyperlinks to our website.
4. Embed at least one article from our website onto your own website. If you dislike embedding other's articles, you can write your own article on our website (easily) and then embed it.
5. Post the article (can't ever be deleted) and send me the link to the article when you're done.


1. You'll get paid.
2. You'll learn about a new website that's reaching close to a million people a month.
3. You'll reach a lot of people as a blogger on our own website.
4. You'll feel the urge to post your own articles on our website often.
5. You'll learn about a very useful and new tool.