RKEY or RKey or RKEY Toolmakers Logo and Business Card Design

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I need to make a nice business card based on the domain name rkey,com. It would primarily be used in supporting my work as a database application developer. I want to include the slogan "Online unlocked." I like the idea of titling the business as "RKEY Toolmakers", but some friends say to just stick with rkey alone.

It's possible to play with casing in the typography just as long as there's no confusion about the name.

My most ambitious idea (in the vein of toolmakers) is to have an image on the reverse reminiscent of those familiar ape to human evolutionary series, except this would be a progression of tool oriented concepts... opening a nut with a stone, making fire, loading a bow with an arrow, and controlling a screen with gesture.

Professional help can make this a reality.