Stats for Facebook Job Title in Ads Manager

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Job Description

I need a list of the audience size for each of the job titles in the Facebook Ads Manager.

Go to, click on "Clicks to Website", put in any URL to move the next stage.

Remove the Mobile and Right Hand Side options so that just the Newsfeed option for the ad is there.

Then under Audience set the country for United States.

Look further down and you'll see More Demographics. Click on that and you'll see a drop down box. Click on Work, then Job Titles.

It will create a new box where you can put in job titles. I want you to give me the numbers for the audience size of each job title with 2,000 or more.

Start with the letter "a" and type in "aa", then "ab" and so on checking each job title and making an Excel document with the job title and the audience size.