Information providing website

Information providing website


Job Description

We have identified an opportunity to provide a service to people around the world.

Please COPY and PASTE the following requirements with your COMMENTS. If you do not do this then we will not consider your application.

Our visitors to the site will be coming from word-of-mouth or Google search. Not members.

However we need to allow people to sign up and choose areas to remain alerted to.

We do not want to disclose too much- but we can say that the foundation of this site is a location- The user can input a location and the information will refresh to that location. So you need to provide a site that provides information about locations.

We need the following:

1. Membership

a. Simple sign up form & email confirmation
b. Locations they are interested in

2. User Personalisation NOT members area. This is for any user when they hit the site. They will be in all parts of the world but want to identify the area they are interested in.

a. Location Identifier - simply ask the user where they are
b. Personalisation of content - provide information about that area

3. OpenX installation and customization.

a. Install OpenX or similar and have the uploaded ads appear based on the area that the user has selected.

4. XML Feed management

a. We will obtain feeds for different areas and will need these to display for each area.

5. Google maps API

a. We will require maps for each area

6. Google Transit

a. We need this included in our offering through their API

THIS IS IMPORTANT - in your applications show us links to your work with the google transit API.

Skills: management