Python Library for Protocol Buffers and Feed access

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Job Description

Our solution requires accessing content from Android and iOS stores through means which are valid according their policies. For Google Play [1] we require using Protocol Buffers and for App Store [2] their Enterprise Partner Feed.


#A -- Separate batch scripts for App Store and Google Play to import some of their content on a daily basis.

#B -- Python library to access this content from MongoDB datastore using MongoEngine model.

#C -- For Google Play the Python library must provide a stub code that will make ad-hoc searches and feed MongoDB with results obtained before returning to the calling method.

#D -- Categories browsing and search support, along with the ability to specify region (locale/language) of App Store or Google Play store to be access. Categories do **not** need to be aligned, each store can have its own set of categories, but they need to be stored properly at MongoDB using ObjectIds and not only strings.

#D -- OOP design for the library which must be aligned between Google Play and App Store, using same (normalized) field names for similar resources and with same logical interface.

#E -- distribute (setuptools fork) package that will deploy the code and declare requirements along with unit tests code.

#F -- ConfigParser usage to load configurations from files.

#G -- PEP8 compliant.


[1] --
[2] --


Our company is looking for hourly senior Python developers to join our core team. If you are interested, this can be also a way to join it.

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