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Job Description

Vision in 5 years:

We think that "Incentive media" will be a common used process in marketing.

The thought "what can we do to create ambassadors" will be essential to the whole strategy.

Brandbuzzie is a common used site where u can login on daily basis to check what "deals" are available

Do u want to see a movie, eat food, or buy something?

Spread the word and then u get something in thanks
People do this cause they understand the reason is that marketing usually cost money.

Now marketing is the peoples voice, as long as Internet exists and there exists a place where we all can find each other this will be a solution.

Right now, we are first in thinking this way, the other companies who do this do it cause they want to help the companies get quick deals.

We are actually thinking of revolutionize the whole marketing-thinking one step at a time.

Want to join us?

We want your help to become the number one company in viral marketing by using our own method "incentive media".

Today we are trendsetters using our new tool "Brandbuzzie" which helps companies find new customers & create brand ambassadors.

Our customers are companies who want to experience the profit of viral marketing but don't have time, money or resources to do it

Your job will be to handle the customers sent to you by our marketers, explain how we can help them and show them how the tool works.

Skills preferred are exept for those listed: An deep urge of helping people.

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Skills: marketing, communication-skills, customer-relations