Anatomy Video Project

Anatomy Video Project

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Job Description

The job requires a person with experience in creating short yoga tutorial videos that highlight human anatomy and physiology. We would like to make a 2 - 5 minute video about the muscular anatomy of the human leg structure. This video will show the activation of certain muscles, nerves and joints while the body moves in very specific positions. If you want to be considered for the job we need you to do three things: 1. tell us why we should select you above everyone else who applies. 2. Tell us what your favourite type of video to create is. and 3. Give us a link to a project that you have done that you think might be similar to our description or needs.

We need to be able to communicate well with you. Knowledge of the parts of the body are helpful as well as familiarity of yoga. We prefer contractors that have the visual design elements readily accessible to them so you do not have to create everything from scratch. The person or company that gets this job must would be the type that has thoroughly read our requirements above and have answered the questions that we asked completely.
Examples of the animation that we are after would like these:
- ( view @ 0:58 )

thank you for applying

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