Game Programmer with Lua (Corona SDK)

Game Programmer with Lua (Corona SDK)


Job Description

We are looking for a programmer to code a simple 2D game in Corona SDK (Lua).
The game is a simple game like “mega jump”. There is a menu with the options:
a) Start
b) Options

The options game is just to adjust volume for music and sound fx

The start button will send to the “theme choice” screen where the user can choose from 3 different scenarios.
After that, the game start. The hero fly as much as he can.
There are 6 enemies that will appear as he goes up. If the hero touches any of the enemies he will fall. That is it.
There is 10 power ups that will give more money or improve the hero speed or give invincibility (shield).
The game is very simple, so, we expect a low budget for this game.
Send us your budget proposition and examples of your work.