Cabinet Making shop requires an Estimator and 3d designer


Job Description

Cabinet Making shop looking for a quality Estimator and 3d designer.
Basically in short i would need the applicant to make me a cut list and material list for the job.
The estimating part of the job, will be where the cabinet making firm emails you the plans and you will have to do the material costing for the job. The estimator will have to outline how much materials is required and the cost of the materials for the job.
The 3D design is required to offer the client the 3D elevation and design for their new kitchen, The designer will be provided with hand drawn pictures and will need to draw them up in 3D.
The reason why both these jobs are under one heading is that their is cabinet making software available specifically for this, and the applicant may be able to do both tasks.
Proof of work will need to be provided.