Professional Photoshop Expert for Creating Product Color Swatches

Professional Photoshop Expert for Creating Product Color Swatches


Job Description

I am looking for a person to work on my product image project for my client. Our ideal candidate will have the following skill sets:

Able to work 40+ hours a week
Provide work mistake free
Able to speak and understand English

Work Details:
Just to let you know from the beginning, our client is extremely picky about this work and how it needs to be perfect. If you cannot do this perfectly, please do not apply. You will waste both of our times. So there are 2 websites that you would like to log into to obtain the color list:

Lets call these AA and TSC respectively. Both sites have search boxes where you can enter in style numbers and that is what we will provide to you. You would click into the product and you will see color swatches on both sites. The TSC website will provide you the colors that you need to work on and the AA website will have the exact colors and order in which you need to do the color swatch in. The order will be from left to right and top to bottom.
There are 2 ways that this task can be completed in Photoshop:

Work on the each chart within 1 PSD

Create a single PSD for each color and color name and copy and paste them into a master grid

Because there are a lot of repeat colors, we recommend the second approach as it can speed up your time to produce each swatch list. Please remember, the Color and the Color Name must be aligned and .75 inch apart from the bottom of the letters. All borders are 3px wide.
We have attached a few completed examples of swatches that we have done. If you are confident that you can perform this task perfectly like the examples, please message us with your approach in completing this task efficiently. We have over 500 products to work on. Thank you.

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