An Integrated Social Network


Job Description

We are looking for experts in programming a Social Network Website - one which will have 20 or so integrated features. Our requirements include developers who can holistically incorporate the latest in technology and programming techniques to make our site optimized, fast and amazing - adaptive and with customization.

All designs and feature descriptions will be provided completely by us, including exacting specifications - which we will expect you to replicate as best as possible. Please note that slight animation using Javascript will be required. Our database will have to be made in MySQL or an equivalent platform - which we can discuss. Furthermore, you will have to, in your programming, include room for us to further integrate some additional features of our own and upgrade or enhance later on.

Further details about the Website and Features will be conveyed privately.
A Non-Disclosure agreement is vital, but we value the need for your growth as well as ours, we shall guarantee that due compliments will be given to you on launch. Additionally, there is scope for permanent hire for maintenance and further development which we will discuss in the future.

Please specify your team size and experience in your application. Experience is not a prerequisite - the drive to explore your own potential, grow, and code perfectly is.

We look forward to your applications.