Virtual Assistant - Superstar, 100% reliable

Virtual Assistant - Superstar, 100% reliable


Job Description

I am looking for a person to take on tasks that I assign and be able to handle all aspects to get it done, on time and on budget.

You do NOT have to do the tasks yourself, but MANAGE THE PROCESS from start to finish by working with people that complete the tasks (sometimes you might need to hire people or find someone that can hire people for us).

Typical activities:
- assigning the tasks
- checking in on progress
- taking detailed notes/feedback/updates by Skype/phone
- doing some high-level quality control
- ensuring successful completion of a task
- documentation
- updating project statuses via google docs or asana
- hiring people with expert skills (if you cannot hire a specific resource yourself, find someone that can)
- project management (setting deadlines, updates, etc.)
- ad hoc projects

You must be:
- proactive
- highly organized
- have a strong drive to achieve and get things done
- possess a "can-do" attitude
- superior communication skills
- perfect English
- self-sufficient (there will be no hand-holding)
- dedicated to succeed, achieve
- know how to deal with people to get things done
- 100% honest
- 100% reliable
- ability to meet deadlines

Time requirement:
- As you will not be completing the tasks yourself, but have other people do them, your time required is significantly less and only requires you to check in on progress, assign tasks, take feedback, do some documentation, maintain project updates, essentially ensure that the ship is moving.

I assume this to take no more than 2-3 hours per day on top of speaking to me for 30-60 minutes a day. I might sometimes not be available so we would simply exchange emails or texts if needed.

Note that many of my resources are located throughout the world so you should be flexible enough to find accommodating times.

- I'd like you to be able to be available as much as possible, especially via Skype, text or email. We would touch base once a day for 30-60 minutes. You must have a reliable internet connection. I do not ever want to find myself chasing you.

- I'd like to set up a monthly salary, but to start, I suggest to work together for 2-3 days to test your skills and dedication to succeed. I will pay you accordingly.

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