Personal / Administrative Assistant


Job Description

I'm looking for a right hand person to take care of the critical stuff that doesn't require mass amounts of decision making, so I can focus on other activities in my business.

I am growing an awesome business in the education that is currently having tremendous results. We need more help to carry us forward.

Must Have's
- Someway for us to talk during designated hours of work, by phone, voip, or whatever, I just need to be able to pick up a phone and call you.
- High speed internet
- Must be a microsoft excel whizz, like you love working in excel, you actually won't be doing super crazy stuff in excel but I have found if you are good at and like excel you can pick up a lot of the tasks I'll have for you easier.
- Be punctual and focused on projects, and ideally innovative in getting them done.
- Able to make a customer service phone call for minor issues.
- Willing to learn new technologies, someone who has set up wordpress blog would be awesome, not that you need to be a techie, just would help.
- Excellent English like a 5 out of 5
- Must not call me sir, I want someone who will challenge my ideas if they disagree, or have a better idea, and really contribute not just be a tell me what to do and I'll do it person. (without being a pain in my a..)

Here are some of the responsibilities.

- Transcription of various materials

- Organization of Kajabi (online membership site)

- Take notes during meetings

- Answer and reply to calls (5-10 per week)

- Set up calendar of events with speakers, coaches etc

- Handle Customer Support billing issues for investcore (our software we will train)

- Handle Customer Support issues for kajabi

- Send out emails through infusionsoft

- Weekly webinar announcement

- Other emails to non students

- Research advertising methods, and costs

- Place orders for materials

- Create checklists of processes

- Set up webinar's

- Create emails for progress updates for clients

- Commission Tracking in excel sheet.

- Quickbooks updates

- Assist in Linked in, Facebook, and social media updates

- Spin Articles

- Develop pr relationships

- Identify target sponsors
- call by phone

- Develop materials for sponsors packet

- Merchant and Credit Applications completion

- Assist in response on Real Estate Deals

- Paperwork on real estate deals.

- Develop policies and procedure documents

So, if you've read this whole thing and want the job, make sure you have taken either the excel test or the microsoft office test and scored well

Make sure you can type more than 50 words per minute.

And send me your skype id, and we'll talk.

Also if you have Adobe photoshop, infusionsoft, keynote or mac experience, let me know, those are all bonuses in my book but could be useful.

Also mention any management of other people you've had. Thanks.

Finally, mention the word "Magnanamus" in your response, so I know your not really just a machine spitting words out into the odesk universe.


- matthew

Skills: voip, english, billing, infusionsoft, research, facebook, test, management

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