Project Jelly Beam VA

Project Jelly Beam VA


Job Description


UPDATE: Please note we are only wanting individuals - not those from agencies and living within Australia. Normally we would be very open to those VA's living outside of Australia, but for this project we need you to be based within Australia!

We are a very small IT startup company in the trial phase of a new and excite product. Essentially we are based in the heart of Sydney CBD and we are both energetic people.

We are now seeking a virtual assistant that can work with two high energy people. The person that we feel would fit this role would:

- Have a high understanding of using Picsa, Picsa Web and google docs.
- Already have an active Gmail account
- Able to copy text sent via an email and make it into PNG picture file. Please note you do not have to be a graphic artist, but you must be able to use a graphics program that will allow you to carry out this task.
- Be living within Australia and be available during 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Some work on weekends may also be required. This is subject to change depending on how well the project progress
- Excellent written and spoken English
- Already have setup a skype account and know how to send and receive files
- Have access to at least ADSL2+ or 4G Internet connection
- Have previous experience working with project that have required a high level of confidentiality.

- Have had previous experience with IT and marketing projects aimed at the Australian market.
- Based within the Sydney Metro area

What an average day would involve for the potential VA.

Essentially during business hours, you would be receiving emails from a number participants, who would be sending photos or text. Text would require you to convert it into a picture file (png). Photo's would not require any adjustments. Once you have prepared the file, you'll be uploading them to a Pisca account. You will not be required to create any accounts, as we'll already have organised this prior.

There will be a daily meeting via skype in the morning to review previous work completed and how many emails are waiting to be processed. If you are living within Sydney, then we would require a face to face meeting once a week. You would be paid travel for your time to attend this meeting. If you are outside the Sydney metro zone, then we would not require to attend face to face meetings.

Future job scope

Once we feel you have mastered this process, the role may expand into other areas such as customer service, account processing, taking business meeting minutes and other ad-hoc duties that may arise. We are not sure about the timeline of when the job may expand, so essentially you'd need to mentally prepare yourself to stay focus for at least 6 months on doing the core elements which have been mentioned above.

We can discuss a fixed price, but we'd prefer to pay per hour.

If you feel that you'd fit this role, then please express your interest now!

Skills: english, marketing, graphics, gmail