Email Address Research

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We have a list of companies and websites. Start with 75 websites and we will go from there.

You find the "About Us" section to find the names of the Management Team (not board of directors).

Find the email addresses of the people listed in that "About Us" Section.

Result: Excel sheet with these columns:

Company Name, First Name, Last Name, Email Address

This is an ongoing project.

Here is an example of the fastest way to find these email addresses:
Tom Thumb is the CEO of
His email address is likely one of these:,,,,
Use a free email verification service like:
Put your guesses in the search bar and the correct one will be verified.
This will tell you which form/syntax the email address uses.

Other tips, Press Releases & News section --> bottom of press release usually has a name and email. You can find this form/syntax (ie. and then use the same form for the other managers.