Real Estate Specialists

Real Estate Specialists


Job Description

-Virtual Assistant with background in customer service and/or real estate-

-Telemarketing/Sales experience (Preferred)
-Real Estate wholesaling experience (Preferred)
-Managing skills
-Internet Connection
-Phone/Google Voice
-Video conferencing account
-Microsoft word/excel basic knowledge
-Above average English skills

-Hourly rate + Commission.

-Positive & friendly attitude
-Telemarketing (out-bound & In-bound calls)
-Data Mining/Lead Tracking

If you enjoy working from your computer and are a professional when responding to clients/customers/co-workers, you will love this job! Basic salary is there just to carry you through your learning curve.
On average after the first 3 months my employees begin to make $3,500.00/month. After some more experience on the field you can expect an income of $10,000.00+/month.

If hired, you will go through...

- 1st Period of probation (1 week)
(During this period you will be tested on basic skills to handle the job)

- 2nd Period of probation (3months)
(During this period you will be evaluated on certain goals to be reached)

The most important qualities I am looking for are...

-Positive, Friendly & Winning attitude.
-Dedication & Dependability.