Salesforce - Linking emails to specific opportunities AUTOMATICALLY

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Job Description

First. My company has Salesforce Professional (not Enterprise so we don't have that Apex functionality).

I'm currently using an appexchange application called iHance to automatically store the emails I send/receive in Outlook to Salesforce. This works well where each email is automatically linked and stored with a contact/account. However, I would like those stored emails to also be AUTOMATICALLY linked to opportunities as well just by looking for specific words in the Subject/Email Message.

For example, an email from Tom Jones with the subject "DRAM acquisition" may be automatically stored to the "DRAM" opportunity.

Please let me know if you can do this and how many hours and/or fixed rate project estimate. Again we have Professional edition of Salesforce. I also have "test" email data that you can run in a sandbox or whatever application. Thanks.