Data entry, management and admin support

Data entry, management and admin support


Job Description

Primarily to start is to enter contacts into our data base, Salesforce, and help manage the data base so we can do mass email marketing and track sales by person and project.

Additional duties may include internet research to find information on properties and place in excel spreadsheets

Will play catch up at first to get contact information into Salesforce. Data will be coming from scanned business cards, emails, excel spreadsheets and outlook contact files.

Once this is up to date than help maintain and add new contacts as they come in. We expect the contact list to reach over 10,000 names in total. With less than 500 being consistently active.

We are a start-up investment company. Focused on buying, selling and researching non-performing mortgages.

The job can grow as we grow and need more administrative support to manage our operations