Android Developer

Android Developer


Job Description

Nios Technology Solutions, located in West Sayville, New York, U.S.A., will be issuing a Request For Proposal (RFP) in connection with the development of a custom mobile business application. We are looking for strong Android Development capabilities (could be a team or an individual). While the Android Development portion of this project is a priority for us, we will also eventually be developing the same app for mobile iOS phones. Therefore, we will ask you to quote the project in 2 different ways – 1) Android only and, 2) Android + iOS. If you specialize in Android and do not have iOS, then you will only quote the Android part of the RFP.

Below are just some of the basic requirements and tasks. If you feel you are qualified and are available immediately (or within the next week), we will send you the RFP and consider your proposal and quotation. We will award the project based on a combination of the following three criteria:

1. How soon you can complete the project
2. Your experience as related to the Requirements and Tasks listed below along with samples of apps you have completed. These will be checked and verified.
3. Pricing

Therefore, your proposal should focus on the above three points.

• Thorough knowledge of SDKs and development tools
• Experience in developing on mobile platforms and samples of apps you have developed
• Async-background task handling, Callback handling
• Database management/handling techniques for smartphone developers
• Good communications skills in English

• Developing mobile apps for Android (iOS a plus but not mandatory)
• Program / Code / Build a menu-driven food and drink ordering and payment system
• Working with backend developers to integrate app with REST APIs
• Integrating social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc.

Our application is proprietary and all developers (contracted and subcontracted) will be required to sign a non-disclosure (NDA) / confidentiality agreement before receiving the RFP. If you are interested, please email me at and I will send you the NDA. Upon your acceptance of the terms of the NDA, we will conduct a brief Skype video conference call with you or a representative of your firm who will be coordinating the project and communicating with us. Then we will forward the RFP.

Skills: management, android-development, android-sdk