NopCommerce Plugin

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Job Description

On the Admin side of NopCommerce where you create a shipment, I want a new field for Lot Number. /Admin/Order/Edit/... Shipping Info Tab... Add shipment button.

When creating a shipment through that navigation I get default values of
Product SKU Item weight Item dimensions Qty ordered Qty shipped Qty to ship

Right before "Qty to Ship" I want to add "Lot Number", This field needs to be filled in "mandatory" by the user with the lot number (long integer) of that SKU.

NOTE: A SKU will prabably have several different Lot Numbers, some orders will have multiple Lots for the same SKU. Therefore the user would enter the Lot and partial Qty of that SKU (then add the shipment, and enter the remainder Qty of the SKU with the other Lot Number.

I would like this written on the most recent revision of NopCommerce through CodePlex. (as of today it is nopcommerce_84448cccde35)

Then I want to be able to query all shipments and sort by Lot number, SKU, Order ID. This gives me Lot Traceability for the supplements I sell.