Wire Rope Mechanism

Wire Rope Mechanism


Job Description

We need to design a dynamic wire rope and pulley system which can transfer mechanical movement from one end to another using a wire rope from any point in a 3D space to any other point in 3D space with minimum frictional loss of energy. The wire rope diameter would be about 1 to 1.2 mm. The pulley design must be such as to avoid the rope from slipping off and finally there must be flexibility of adding as many pulleys to the system so as to be able to reach any point in a 3D space at any angle.

Please find a rough hand sketch drawing.

The enclosure and motor is already built but currently the wire rope is fed through a hole in the enclosure which causes the wire rope to drag along the enclosure causing the wire rope to degrade quickly.

Note how the position of the motor and the handle it is pulling are not in any single plane. The location of the motor in relation to the handle can be anywhere and this is only one example. So when we fit the motor at any location only at that time we will know how to route the wire rope. The system is therefore required to be flexible enough to allow this at installation time.

The purpose of this project is to build a system with multiple pulley which allows us to route the wire rope from the motor to the handle following the surface which can have any angle. As well as to ensure that the life of the wire rope is preserved for long.

The wire rope can be 1 mm in diameter. Alternatively we would prefer 0.8mm x 2 wire ropes for safety in case 1 snaps.

The wire rope should not derail from the pulleys even if the rope is lose due to the way the machine works.

If you can show that you understand this and provide some conceptual thoughts as rough sketches it will help us shortlist you.

We can provide the enclosure design in Solidworks format when settled.

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