Job Description

Lumenaus Solar Battery Backup is an Australian Solar Company which also re-finances customer's Home Loan to reduce their Bank Interest - the money we save them in Bank Interest on their Home Loan is used to pay for the Roof Top Solar System with Battery Storage System - so the customer does not pay any extra for this.

Our company requires a Telemarketing / Lead Generating Company which can support our growth in Australia

We are looking to start with 5 Call Centre Agents to start and increasing by 5 agents each 4 to 6 weeks until we reach 50 Call Centre Agents calling for our company to generate the Solar & Home Loan Sales Leads



We have already been contacted by some call centres offering their service for $5 per hour per each operator, based on 5 operators so please do not quote higher than this rate because this is our benchmark price and believe it is appropriate

Our Australian based Sales Manager is Filipino, so we will only be seeking Call Centres which are based in Philippines at this stage so it is easy for us to communicate in your home language

We will also expect as part of your service that you will include the following services at no extra cost based on our ongoing campaign and relationship;

1. Each operator you allocate to our campaign must have a minimum of 2 years continuous outbound lead generation and cold calling experience

2. You will provide a Project Manager who will be our point of contact, non-english speaking is ok because our Australian Sales Manager is Filipino

3. You will provide a Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist who will check if each appointment is valid according to the criteria we set for you and make sure each of our pre-qualifying questions are answered properly and meet our requirement to qualify for a sales appointment with our Australian Sales Reps who will then go to the customer's home to give their sales presentation

4. You will provide a Recording of the conversation between the customer and your telemarketer for our Australian Manager to review so that we have a reference if the appointment is valid or qualified based on the criteria we set

5. We will also require you to capture each customer's email address so that we can send them a copy of our sales presentation on email prior to each sales appointment

Please respond by Introducing your Company, your capabilities, your project process and campaign management structure and also please address the points I have listed above to be considered

Thank you, I look forward to receiving your detailed proposal

Michael, Managing Director - Solar Battery Backup, Melbourne Australia

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