Project Manager/Recruiter - API Web Enterprise System


Job Description

Taylor Robinson Music is a web-based company that provides in-person music lessons nationwide. Our site is similar to but instead of connecting businesses and IT professionals, we connect music students and private music teachers. We have been doing this for five years, and are currently based out of Dallas, TX.

Our company is in need of a Project Manager/Recruiter to organize and supervise the building of an API system to link together the different software applications in our Enterprise System. We need to connect our schedule to our phone software to our CRM and financing software, etc. Basically we need all the software to be able to “talk to each other”.

This position might need to include hiring and managing contractors with various skills, if not handling the tasks themselves. So this person should have a team or ‘Hiring Manager’ skills as they might be helping recruit for various contractors to complete the different software applications for the total project. Therefore this overall project of our enterprise system can be handled by a highly skilled Project Manager or even a Recruiter. This is a fixed rate position that will pay in milestone payments as each project task is completed. Here is a list of our API Enterprise System Application features, function and software that we need to ‘talk to each other’ - these are our 'project tasks':

- Phone / Interoffice Phone (RingCentral)
- CRM (Appointment-Plus and Salesforce)
- CMS (Joomla and SobiPro)
- Scheduling and Billing (Appointment-Plus)
- Financial (Quickbooks)
- Communication ( and
- HR (Joomla and SobiPro and ADP Screening and Selection Services)
- Operation (Google Drive Spreadsheets, Forms and Scripts)

*Fluent in English
*Enterprise Systems
*API Integration
*Project Management
*Google Docs Spreadsheets
*Email Handling

JOB DESIRED SKILLS to at least have knowledge of:
* (Hiring)
*Sobi Pro (Joomla plugin)
*ADP Online

*We are looking to hire this person sooner than later, so PLEASE INCLUDE RESPONSES IN YOUR COVER LETTERS*:
1. Where are you located? Time zone to Dallas, TX?
2. What is your experience with enterprise system API integration? Please explain a recent project.
3. Are you working with a team? If so, how large and what are enterprise API specialities?
4. How many hours can you dedicate per week?
5. When can you start?

Thank you for your applications.

Skills: systems-programming