e-learning Instructional designer

e-learning Instructional designer


Job Description

We have an e-learning project that we have at hand and we would like to bring an instructional designer into it. The original PowerPoint deck contains a lot of information, but doesn't help us understand how people would make use of it - or even why they would care or go through the entire course and learn from it. Our goal was to change something that was, to put it nicely, an 'information dump', into something that people could connect with. And what do people best connect with? Stories -

We need an instructional design expert that will help us tell an interesting story about course content that has already been developed. The task at hand is to turn this into an interesting and captivation eLearning course module. We can send you samples of what we have developed before and its raw data, this will allow you to evaluate our current instructional design and story telling skills. We have the technical expertise to bring to life whatever story you write.

As mentioned earlier, the subject matter itself already exist, we are NOT building a course from the ground up. We need someone to present the subject in an engaging way through the use of storytelling, simulations and real life scenarios. Not compulsory to have all three, but to have a mix and match from slide to slide will be ideal.